15 best Android tower defense games

Tower Defense games were one of the first genres on mobile to really capture the mobile gaming audience. The biggest reason is because the games almost exclusively feature simple tap controls. Thus, the controls are extremely well suited for touch screens. They’re not quite the draw they used to be, but we’ve seen some excellent titles come out over the last couple of years. Here are the best tower defense games for Android.

Element TD is a newer pay-once tower defense game in a genre that is quickly being overtaken by freemium titles. It features simple graphics and a fairly standard premise. There are maps, you lay down towers, and hope they can get the job done. There is an elemental mechanic where the elements you choose determine which towers you can lay down. That helps provide an extra layer of challenge. There are also 44 towers, 50 different bad guys, 30 achievements, and five difficulty settings. It’s a solid overall game and it’s worth a shot.

Net Invaders is a tower defense game released by, if you can believe it, Cisco Systems. The game has you saving Cisco Security island from an imminent threat. Your job is to build towers and defend it from security threats. You’ll be battling trojans, viruses, worms, and other types of malware. Each level has a star rating based on how well you did, but otherwise the game is pretty basic. It’s also completely free to play with no in-app purchases and no advertisements. It updated in 2014 so it may not work very well with newer devices. Still, it’s good

Net Invaders


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