15 best platform games for Android

Platform games are one of the oldest genres in all of video games and it’s also one of the most popular. In fact, the Mario franchise is among the most popular of all time. There have been a bunch of great platformers released on mobile and they’re actually pretty awesome. Here are the best platform games on Android!

BADLAND best platform games for androidBADLAND

[Price: Free / $3.99]
BADLAND quickly became one of the better platform games. It contains over 100 levels along with 23 multiplayer levels as well. If that doesn’t seem like enough, there is also a level creation mechanic where you can build your own levels and share them with other players. The game features some unique graphics with silhouetted characters and colorful backgrounds. It’s a solid overall experience. You can download the game for free to play a demo and then pay for the whole thing for $3.99 as an in-app purchase.

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