Best apps for making Valentine's Day super special ❤️

Updated 10 February 2017: We’ve streamlined the best Valentine’s apps, and made our list easier to read through.

Best for communication


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We all live ridiculously fast-paced lives, which can make finding time with your sweetie can be difficult. This is especially true if you are afraid of a child, or someone else, accidentally stumbling across those hot and heavy texts you’ve been sending. That’s where Between, an app built to make communicating between couples easier than ever.

Between is an app specifically made for couples to chat, send pictures, and enjoy private communication with one another. It has a chat feature that allows you to send private messages that can only be seen by your partner from within the app. The calendar feature makes it easy to schedule out dates, or special plans in advance so that both you and your partner are aware of those special days as they come up. There is even a private photo album that will let you share private photos or videos.

Whether you’re aiming for a more private way to communicate with your honey, or you just don’t want anybody else accidentally stumbling across your communiques, Between is an awesome option.

Bottom line: Between offers a more private alternative to just chatting over Hangouts or Facebook Messenger. With private one-to-one messaging, and features like a calendar, and a place to share any risqué photos, it’s a great option for couples to enjoy each others presence.

One more thing: Security is definitely a concern with apps like Between, which is why you can lock the app to keep friends or children from accidentally stumbling upon private moments.

Best for flowers



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When it comes to presents for your sweetie on Valentine’s Day, the traditional gift is probably flowers. But there are definitely plenty of other gifts that you might also want to send. This is especially true if you’re trying to make sure that your sweetie feels the love, even if you aren’t able to see them in person for this romantic holiday. That is where 1800-FLOWERS comes in.

While they definitely offer a variety of floral arrangements, that isn’t the only thing that is available. You can go ahead and order stuffed toys, chocolates and even fruit bouquets. When you make an order, you can track the delivery to ensure it gets where it’s going. For the Procrastinators out there, you can even arrange same day delivery for the arrangement you choose for your special someone.

Bottom line: 1800-FLOWERS offers more than just floral arrangements. You can send flowers, plants, chocolates and even fruit to the person you adore. You can even take advantage of order tracking, and same day ordering and shipping. With 1800-FLOWERS you can ensure that your loved one knows how much you care, even when you aren’t there in person.

One more thing: You have the option to ship internationally to over 195 different countries, making it easy to make sure your sweetie feels loved no matter where they might happen to be.

Best for restaurant reservations



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Valentine’s Day is probably one of the biggest nights for dinner out over the course of the entire year. Thousands of couples will be descending on restaurants all over the country — and the world — which can make finding a decent place to grab dinner a serious pain in the ass. Open Table is here to make reservations as easy as possible on you, so that Valentine’s Day is as stress free as is possible.

Finding reservations for Valentine’s Day can be a real pain, but rather than hopping from restaurant to restaurant on the big night desperately looking for a wait under an hour, take a peek at OpenTable instead. You can explore local areas, and see restaurants with open reservations in the area. At each restaurant you’ll be able to see the menu, and filter out whether they are good for larger groups.

Additionally, when you use the app to make a reservation, you’ll get access to special perks. These include special deals at participating restaurants, as well as promotions that can shave money off of your check the next time you come back. You can also share reservations with your loved one, and add reservations to your calendar. If you’re traveling for Valentine’s Day you can always use OpenTable to find an awesome place to eat in countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico, and many, many, more.

Bottom line: OpenTable makes it easy to find an awesome place for dinner whether you are at home, or traveling abroad. You can get special perks by using the app, pay from your phone, and share reservations with your partner.

One more thing: OpenTable gives you access to reservations at over 32,000 locations worldwide.

Best for Hotel reservations

Hotel Tonight

Hotel Tonight

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Having access to a hotel room can turn a normal date night into something a bit more special. If you’re a procrastinator, or you just want to make Valentine’s Day better at the last minute, then Hotel Tonight is here for you. That’s because this app is specifically built to help you find an awesome hotel room for, like, now.

When you go searching for a hotel room, you have the ability to filter the type of rooms that pop up. The description for each room is fairly short, boiled down to the top three reasons that a hotel is awesome. That means that you don’t need to spend precious time going through pros and cons, everything you need is right there in front of you.

While Hotel Tonight is built for finding a room that day, you can also plan in advance to make your night super special. This includes giving you highlights of driving-distance getaways and other local perks. Certain hotels even offer special discounts, which can be found within the app. Best of all Hotel Tonight is built to make getting a reservation a fast, easy, and streamlined process, so that you spend more time with your sweetie and less time on your phone.

Bottom line: Hotel Tonight offers a great way to find the perfect hotel room, without stressing you out in the process. You can filter rooms, see nearby attractions, and even reserve an app when there are only a few short hours left in the night.

One more thing: If you have any issues with the app, customer support is available 24/7 with actual live humans.


There are plenty of ways to make Valentine’s Day special for you and your honey. While you definitely don’t need to use an app to make things amazing, they can help to make Valentine’s Day as stress free as possible. After all this is a day to share with your sweetie, not spend hunched over your phone trying desperately to make sure everything works out. Do you have a favorite app for making Valentine’s Day excellent? Be sure to drop a line in the comments and let us know about it!

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