Best small Android phones (July 2017)

Smartphones are getting bigger and bigger. A lot of devices today, especially flagships, are equipped with displays measuring at least 5.5-inches. Among these are the Samsung Galaxy S8, HTC U11, OnePlus 5, Huawei P10 Plus, and LG G6, just to name few.

Large smartphones do have their share of problems, as they are not easy to use with one hand and can be difficult to carry around at times. Those are just two of the reason why some consumers still prefer smaller devices. If you’re one of them, this post is for you.

We have compiled a list of the best small Android phones you can get on the market right now. By small, we mean those with a display size of 5-inches or less.

Editor’s note: We will be updating this list regularly as new devices launch.

Google Pixel

The smaller of Google’s two Pixel smartphones sports a 5-inch screen with Full HD resolution. It’s a high-end device that’s powered by the Snapdragon 821 chipset and has 4 GB of RAM. Easily this is the most powerful of the small Android phones on this list, making it a great option for power users that don’t want a massive display for whatever reason.

One of its biggest features is definitely the camera that has a 12.3 MP sensor with an f/2.0 aperture and 1.55μm large pixels. When the smartphone was announced, Google said it has the best camera on the market. This claim was later confirmed by DxO, which gave it the highest DxOMark rating at the time with a score of 89. Although it is worth mentioning that it was recently bumped down to second place, with the HTC U11 taking the number one spot with a score of 90.

Aside from high-end specs and one of the best cameras you can get on a smartphone, the Google Pixel also offers a stock Android experience a lot of users simply love. However, the design of the device hasn’t been that well received, just because it’s kind of generic. The Pixel also definitely isn’t the most affordable small Android phone you can get your hands on, as it retails for $649 (32 GB) and $749 (128 GB).