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2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop is one of ought to have apps for the android device. Just to inform you a few days ago this application up-to-date to new version 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop . As usual, if you have set up this app on your own android device, you simply should to update it to the newest version. Open your Google Play application > My Apps and choose 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop then update it. If not yet, you can also obtain it directly from Play Store. Some websites also provide link to download 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop apk. Then, the following is detail of the application.

What’s New on 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop Android

There are some changes in the most recent version of 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop. Surely, it is likely to be far better than earlier version. Listed below are primary features of the app based on Google Play official page.

Stay connected to your home or office with the 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop.

The 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop gives you easy and secure remote access using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) wherever you are.

Additionally you can experience the full benefits of published remote Windows applications and desktops connecting to 2X ApplicationServer XG. This way the 2X Client for RDP/Remote Desktop seamlessly runs published Windows applications and desktops from Windows Terminal Server and all major VDI Hypervisors including Microsoft Hyper-V, VMware or Citrix Xen.

– Support for Android 1.6 onwards
– Unlimited connections
– Unique mouse with right click
– Full keyboard
– SSL security
– Full screen experience
– Minimal bandwidth usage

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Meanwhile, here include the additional features in 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop

Added customizable two finger gestures
Added right mouse click gesture (When one finger is down, touching with a second finger will trigger right click)
Added launch sessions from browser using http protocol
Added Option to override Computer Name
Improved hiding/showing action bar where hardware menu button is available
Fixed hardware back key being sent as in-session escape key
Fixed session screen size when keyboard is visible during connection
Fixed splash screen not being hidden

2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop

Download 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop apk Android

Then, are you interested to download and install this application in your android device? Get 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop from here immediately from your gadget and after that install it to enjoy all the new features.

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