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Advanced Wireless Forms

Advanced Wireless Forms is certainly one of must have apps for the android device. Just to inform you a few days back this application up-to-date to new version Advanced Wireless Forms . As usual, if you’ve installed this application on your android device, you just should to update it for the latest version. Open your Google Play application > My Apps and select Advanced Wireless Forms then update it. If not yet, you can also download it directly from Play Store. Some websites also provide link to download Advanced Wireless Forms apk. Then, here is detail of the app.

What’s New on Advanced Wireless Forms Android

There are some changes in the most recent version of Advanced Wireless Forms. Surely, it is going to be far better than earlier version. Here are major features of the application based on Google Play official page.

Build wireless versions of your paper form and send to mobile devices. Lose the clipboard and get things done faster.
★ PLEASE NOTE: Forms are built on our WEBSITE. Credentials provided upon sign up ★

Do more in the field:

✔ Offline data capture
✔ Signature capture and Image capture
✔ Barcode scanning
✔ Multiple/Single choice combo fields
✔ Complex arithmetic calculations
✔ Archive and template form progress
✔ Preview/Print forms as PDF
✔ Email forms as PDF

Create and manage from the office:
(Credentials provided upon sign up)

✔ Cloud based web portal
✔ Powerful form designer
✔ Form decision logic
✔ Powerful reporting capability
✔ In-depth dashboard analytics
✔ Business intelligence in a single place

Top customer support:

★ Frost & Sullivan’s 2009 Customer Service Excellence Award

Meanwhile, here include the additional features in Advanced Wireless Forms

-Fixes for Repeatable fields
-Should be able to archive forms once again on the latest version.
-Added Form Preview/Review.
-You can now change the name of an archived form.
-Seperated dates in the History screen
-Upgrades: Archvied form, Orders, etc. should be submitted prior to updating to the latest version!
-Bug Fixes

Advanced Wireless Forms

Download Advanced Wireless Forms apk Android

Then, are you interested to download and set up this application into your android device? Get Advanced Wireless Forms from here immediately from your device and then set up it to enjoy all the newest features.

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