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Practically android users previously know this application, Battery Notifier (Big Text). Right! This is 1 of the most downloaded apps on Google Play Store. Well! We want to inform you that this application just lately got update to version 2.1.6. Surely, Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6 brings new features and changes in this version. So, we suggest you to update it to the latest version if you’ve put in on your android device. If not yet, you can get Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6 from the link we provide on this page. You can also download its apk file from other website.

Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6

If you have not recognized yet about Battery Notifier (Big Text), here is information of the application that we copied from official page.

Combines the battery alarm notification features of Dmytro Shkil’s original Battery Notifier with large colored status bar numbers to easily monitor your battery level

Now with many features previously only available in Battery Notifier Pro BT!

* Arial font in official Android colors
* Optional black square background
* Option to choose original green color (transparent only)
* Custom color options display the colors you want at the levels you want
* Dashboard with battery temperature/health and “plugged/unplugged since” info
* Action Bar with quick access to battery info and Restart/Stop Service
* Temperature/Voltage can be shown in extended notification area
* “Plugged/unplugged since” info in extended notification area
* Show smiley or battery level while charging
* Show smiley with sunglasses or battery icon when fully charged

Battery Notifier (Big Text) is one of the lightest apps available with a battery level indicator in the status bar and puts the least possible strain on your battery.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In Android 3.x/4.x and above, there is “automatic shrinking and dimming” for status bar notifications. The icons remain full-size and at full intensity in the expanded notification area. We have attempted to address this “shrinking and dimming” issue in Battery Notifier Pro BT.
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If you’re concerned about identity theft and your privacy rights, read
“Your right to privacy. You have a choice.” at

If you use an extended battery please read
“Battery Level Readings With Extended Batteries” at

If you are having a problem with Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6, e-mail us at so we can try and help. Thanks.

If you like Battery Notifier (Big Text), please consider supporting the developers by downloading Battery Notifier Pro BT. 🙂

Battery Notifier Pro BT
Easily monitor your battery level with large colored text in the status bar.
More alarm notification features than other apps.
Built-in HD (higher density) fonts and more FREE add-on options than ever!

* NEW – Roboto HD font in official Android colors
* NEW – Brighter ArialXL-b HD font for dimmer Android 3.x/4.x status bars
* NEW – Optional black background for light status bars
* Many extra-large and brighter HD add-on choices
* Sound notification options for charger connection
* Custom color options that work with 12 HD add-ons and legacy text add-ons
* 1% fix for many Motorola devices

“Fantastic app” “powerful battery manager” “clean and simple user interface” “easy-to-use” “definitely worth your time and money” – AppEggs.Com (Editor’s Pick)

Compare all our alert features to other apps…
* Custom full charge notification percentage (70% to 100%)
* Play sound notifications in a loop
* Quiet hours (Mute alarms at certain hours)
* Various vibration lengths
* LED notifications (supported devices)

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Battery Notifier (Big Text) and Battery Notifier Pro BT
are both based on Dmytro Shkil’s Battery Notifier.

What’s New in Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6 Android

Improved Android 4.x compatibility

For far more facts about Battery Notifier (Big Text), go through from the download link that we provide on this page.

Download Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6 apk Android

And finally, you almost certainly couldn’t be patient to take pleasure in this application on your android device. So, download Battery Notifier (Big Text) 2.1.6 from this link and set up it into your device.

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