Download Call Logs Backup & Restore 3.03 Android Apps

Practically android users currently know this application, Call Logs Backup & Restore. Right! This is one particular of the most downloaded applications on Google Play Store. Well! We want to inform you that this application lately got update to version 3.03. Surely, Call Logs Backup & Restore 3.03 brings new features and changes in this version. So, we advise you to update it to the newest version if you’ve put in on your android device. If not yet, you can download Call Logs Backup & Restore 3.03 from the link we provide on this post. You can also download its apk file from other website.

If you have not recognized yet about Call Logs Backup & Restore, right here is detail of the application that we copied from official page.

A simple App to backup and restore Call Logs (History). Backup is stored by default in /sdcard/CallLogBackupRestore folder.

* Automatic Scheduled Backups.
* View Backup Contents from within the App.
* Backups created in XML Format on the SD Card.
* Option to specify the Backup folder.
* Internet permission for Ads.

Android only keeps history of 500 calls, so something like this is a must if you want to keep your call history.

– Finnish – Thanks to Juhana H.
– Russian – Thanks to Pavel (Павел Миронов)
– Spanish – Thanks to Miguel A. Alvarez
– French – Thanks to Julien Benoist
– German – Thanks to Marc Hillesheim & Jan Allan Zischke
– Dutch – Thanks to Kristof Roels
– Portuguese – Thanks to António Silva
– Italian – Thanks to Oliver Thomas Cervera
– Polish – Thanks to MSZ & MR
– Swedish – Thanks to Björn Lindahl
– Estonian – Thanks to Margus Palu
– Simplified Chinese – Thanks to Thomas Wang
– Slovenian – Thanks to TKL
– Welsh – Thanks to Huw Waters
– Czech – Thanks to Jiri Trcka
– Macedonian (Republic of Macedonia – F.Y.R.O.M.) – Thanks to Vlad
– Turkish – Thanks to Hasan Gök
– Hungarian – Thanks to Kojedzinszky Dániel
– Hebrew – Thanks to s_h
– Traditional Chinese – Thanks to Bernie Huang
– Korean – Thanks to HoeLyn Do (도회린)
– Norwegian – Thanks to Dag Jøran Hanssen
– Danish – Thanks to Jeppe Leth Nielsen
– Romanian – Thanks to Gabriel Peca
– Greek – Thanks to Michael and Dimitrios
– Slovak – Thanks to Richard Antal
– Georgian – Thanks to Temuri Doghonadze

What’s New in Call Logs Backup & Restore 3.03 Android

– Bug fixes.
– Added Georgian Translation, thanks to Temuri Doghonadze
– Added lots of translations.
– Bug fixes
– Another fix for broken GS II 4.0.4 update.
– Disable Notifications works again.
– Temporarily disabled the HTC Contact Id fix as its not populating contacts properly.

For far more facts about Call Logs Backup & Restore, read from the download link that we present on this post.

Download Call Logs Backup & Restore 3.03 apk Android

And finally, you possibly couldn’t be patient to take pleasure in this app on your android device. So, download Call Logs Backup & Restore 3.03 from this link and install it into your device.

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