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Practically android users currently know this app, FaceRecog Phone Lock. Right! This is one particular of the most downloaded applications on Android Market. Well! We want to inform you that this app just lately got update to version 1.07. Surely, FaceRecog Phone Lock 1.07 brings new features and changes in this version. So, we advise you to update it to the latest version if you’ve put in on your android device. If not yet, you can get FaceRecog Phone Lock 1.07 from the link we provide on this post. You can also download its apk file from other site.

If you have not identified yet about FaceRecog Phone Lock, here is detail of the application that we copied from official page.

Free multi-user face recognition App that can unlock your phone with your face!

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Are you an Android 2.3.x or 3.x user wishing for face recognition technology to unlock your phone? Or a Nexus S user who didn’t get face recognition with the Android ICS update? Or an ICS user curious to use other face recognition technologies? FaceRecog App is what you’ve been waiting for! FaceRecog is a FREE multi-user face recognition App that can be used to lock your phone, block calls and pretend like a replacement for lock screen. You can disable/enable any of these features in the App settings. The App requires one “Administrator” user who can unlock the phone with a password in addition to trained faces.


Face recognition systems are usually limited in performance by lighting conditions, facial pose and expressions. For example you might have used systems where face recognition works perfectly at home, but not in your office. Or ones where it where it confuses your face with your friend’s. To overcome this, FaceRecog gives you the complete freedom by allowing you to train your face multiple times in different conditions and setting your own ‘confidence threshold’. You can experiment with these features to find the optimal configuration that suits you! You can also choose to have others use your phone without revealing your password by letting them enroll their faces. To configure the App for the first time, download the App to your device and follow the on-screen directions. For details on optimizing the App for best experience and other information visit

What’s New in FaceRecog Phone Lock 1.07 Android

v1.02- first uploaded version
v1.03- Fixed an issue that was crashing the App in Samsung Galaxy S2 phones
v1.04- Improved usability, fixed bug based on error report
v1.05- First improvement to face recognition algorithm
v1.06- Made finding eyes during training a bit easier.
v1.07- Fixed bugs based on error reports, added multiple orientations feature for more phones, improved usability

For a lot more details about FaceRecog Phone Lock, go through from the download link that we present on this page.

Download FaceRecog Phone Lock 1.07 apk Android

And finally, you almost certainly couldn’t be patient to appreciate this application on your android device. So, download FaceRecog Phone Lock 1.07 from this link and install it into your device.

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