Download Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22 Android Apps

Almost android users currently know this app, Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3. Right! This is one of the most downloaded applications on Google Play Store. Well! We want to inform you that this app recently got update to version 1.22. Surely, Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22 brings new features and changes in this version. So, we propose you to update it to the newest version if you’ve put in on your android device. If not yet, you can obtain Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22 from the link we provide on this page. You can also download its apk file from other website.

Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22

If you have not identified yet about Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3, here is detail of the app that we copied from official page.

With (IS) Flashlight, you can control the LED flashlight of your mobile device,
turn on/off light with one touch configuration.Alternatively you can use
long touch configuration to turn on/off.

The most remarkable feature of the (IS) Flashlight is the ability of listening
the songs,which are in mp3 lists in your mobile, with accompanying 3D Disco ball animation and flashlight.
In this 3D animation the lighting scheme together with flashlight is changed with the rhytim of the music.
You can have the pleasure of this 3d animation with your friends or when you are listening to music at home.
You can turn your room into a party house with this app. If you have gangnam style mp3 you can play and make a party with disco ball.

The application has also a lightbulb image on the screen. You can increase or
decrease the power of the light with sliding your finger over this image.

Another feature of the IS Flashlight is becoming police light.With this special 3D police animation,
you can make joke for your friends.

In conclusion, be sure that you will have the best flashlight application in the market.

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What’s New in Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22 Android

Disco ball from microphone feature added !!!

For more facts about Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3, go through from the download link that we provide on this post.

Download Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22 apk Android

And finally, you probably couldn’t be patient to enjoy this app on your android device. So, download Flashlight Disco Light + Mp3 1.22 from this link and install it into your device.

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