Download Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5 apk Android

Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5

Football NFL Live Scores is one of must have apps for the android device. Just to inform you a few days ago this application up-to-date to new version Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5. As usual, if you’ve set up this app on your own android device, you simply have to to update it for the newest version. Open your Play Store application > My Applications and select Football NFL Live Scores then update it. If not yet, you can also download it directly from Play Store. Some websites also provide link to download Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5 apk. Then, the following is detail of the application.

New Features of Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5 Android

There are a few changes in the most recent version of Football NFL Live Scores. Surely, it is gonna be much better than prior version. Listed below are major features of the application based on Play Store official page.

Football Live Scores Wallpaper is not associated or affiliated with the NFL, any NFL team.

This is a live wallpaper which shows live, up to the minute game scores and news.

Live wallpapers don’t show in the app drawer.

To use this app after installing, press: Home –> Menu –> Wallpapers –> Live Wallpapers –> Football Live Wallpaper

Scoreboard or follow this guide:


Access all pro Football teams, choose your favorite team and get scores of other teams from across the league.

After the game, the app will retrieve the team’s updated schedule and display it on your background. The app has many customization options, allowing you to customize the background and fonts.

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Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5

Download Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5 apk Android

Then, are you interested to download and set up this application in your android device? Obtain Football NFL Live Scores 1.0.5 from here directly from your gadget and after that set up it to enjoy all the new features.

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