Download Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1 apk Android

Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1

Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite is considered one of should have apps to your android device. Just to inform you a number of days back this application updated to new version Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1. As usual, if you’ve got installed this app on your own android device, you simply have to to update it for the newest version. Open Up your Android Market application > My Apps and choose Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite then update it. If not yet, you can also obtain it directly from Play Store. Some sites also provide link to download Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1 apk. Then, here’s detail of the application.

New Features of Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1 Android

There are a few changes in the newest version of Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite. Surely, it is likely to be much better than prior version. Listed below are main features of the application based on Google Play official page.

Kids explore shapes, patterns and logic.

Kindergarten Shapes Lite is a set of more than 30 exercises to teach kids shapes, pattern recognition and simple logic. It is useful for kids ages 3 to 6.

* Picture Puzzles – Match shapes in the picture to fill it – Teaches shapes.

* Shape Mazes – Get the fish to the aquarium by following the spoken shape – Improves shape recognition.

* Pattern Sequences – Complete the pattern made of 2, 3 or 4 repeating shape sequences – Teaches patterns.

* Sudoku Games – Fill in the 4X4 grid such that there is only 1 of each shape in each row, column and box – Teaches logic.

Kindergarten shapes lite is ad-free to help kids focus on solving puzzles. This patterns practice app for kids is great when traveling. Once downloaded, it works without need for an internet connection.

The instructions are in English. You can access the written instructions using the menu button. Kindergarten Shapes Lite has more than 30 exercises. Full version has more than 300 exercises.

We are dedicated to building learning fun apps for kids. Our kids enjoy this app. We hope your kids do too.

Meanwhile, here will be the extra features in Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1

2.1 – Minor usability and bug fixes.
2.0 – Auto-scaling for larger screens. Full-screen for normal screens – prevent picture cutoff.

Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1

Download Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1 apk Android

Then, are you interested to download and set up this app into your android device? Get Kindergarten Kids Shapes Lite 2.1 from here directly from your device and then install it to enjoy all the newest features.

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