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Almost android users already know this application, WootWatcher. Right! This is one particular of the most downloaded applications on Google Play Store. Well! We want to inform you that this application lately got update to version 3.26. Surely, WootWatcher 3.26 brings new features and changes in this version. So, we suggest you to update it to the most recent version if you’ve put in on your android device. If not yet, you can get WootWatcher 3.26 from the link we provide on this post. You can also download its apk file from other website.

If you have not identified yet about WootWatcher, right here is information of the application that we copied from official page.

A Free Watcher for Woot-Offs and Daily Woots. One Day, One Deal!

Woot! A fast Woot watcher for Woot-Offs and Daily Sales at!

Supported Woot sites include Shirt.Woot, Kids.Woot, Wine.Woot, Sellout.Woot, and now Moofi.Woot, Home.Woot,, and!

WootWatcher Features:
* Push notifications (That means lightning-fast updates and low battery usage)
* No ads! Ads suck!
* Highly customizable notifications
* Excellent support (Your emails go straight to my phone)
* Unparalleled protection from zombies and other dangerous creatures of the night
* Big, high-rez images
* I’m always working on a few awesome new features

Follow me on Twitter: @WootWatcherBen

Android’s Move to SD feature is incompatible with some of the features of WootWatcher, so I can’t enable it. If you’re using a custom ROM that can force an app to be stored on SD, don’t move WootWatcher to SD or you will have reliability problems.
If you have any problems at all, let me know! Emails go straight to my phone.

If you are getting the woot items but no images, check to make sure your SD card and phone storage are not full. This is the main cause of missing images, since WootWatcher doesn’t have any place to put them.


I have recently joined Woot’s “Minions” program, which is an affiliate program that helps fund WootWatcher development. Here’s how it works: If you click a button in WootWatcher that opens the browser and takes you to the site, it first goes to one of’s tracking servers. That server places a cookie in your browser. If you end up purchasing something from using your mobile device, that cookie is used to give me credit for sending you there. Woot then pays me a small percentage of the total cost of your purchase, except for stuff on Wine.Woot. If you happen to use an ad blocker on your device, it may block those links. Feel free to email me if you have any questions.
Beyond the Minions program, I have no official relationship or affiliation with Woot.

What’s New in WootWatcher 3.26 Android

3.26: Fixed Progress Bars due to API Change
3.25: Fixed Tech.Woot in Landscape Mode
3.24: Tech.Woot!
3.23: Sport.Woot! Plus a number of small fixes and improvements.
3.20: Battery life and performance improvements. All new image loading and caching code. Display weekly shirt sales event and list of Moofi items.
3.15: Should go to the right page when you open a notification now, plus small menu change for ICS.

For a lot more facts about WootWatcher, read from the download link that we provide on this post.

Download WootWatcher 3.26 apk Android

And finally, you probably couldn’t be patient to enjoy this app on your android device. So, download WootWatcher 3.26 from this link and install it into your device.

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