Get a Google Home base for as little as $10, courtesy of 50% off sale

Google’s competitor to the Echo and the growing family of 3rd party Alexa devices is still very much in its infancy, but if you’re a Google fan there’s a lot to love about the Amazon alternative including a cheaper price tag of just $129, arguably better sound, and the full power of Google Assistant.

But what about hardware customization? There’s that too, and right now you can change up the looks of your Google Home for as little as $10.

From now until midnight (GMT-8) on February 18th, you can get a fabric-based Google Home base for $10 or the metal variant for $20. That’s 50% off the normal asking price. For those looking for the cheaper base you have the choice of mango, marine, or violet. The metal variants are offered in carbon, copper, or snow.

Anyone plan on picking one of these up for their Google Home, or are you perfectly happy with the device’s looks right out of the box?

Get it now!

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