It’s A Space Thing: shoot your way through space in this new retro arcade game

Having a boring weekend? A good game is always the right answer. Today we have a recommendation for you. It’s A Space Thing is a new game flying into the Google Play Store. It is fast-paced, simple, fun and features a classic look we know plenty of you love.

The game dynamics are pretty easy to understand; it looks like a retro space shooter. Your plane is located at the bottom of the screen and you can shoot upwards. Meanwhile, there is an opponent at the top, trying to take you down. The goal is to get it before it blows you away.

Users can take advantage of power-ups and shields to gain an advantage over the enemy. The game currently has 5 bosses, endless mode and even multiplayer options. The only caveat is that multiplayer only works on a single device, so it’s more of a challenge as opposed to a match.