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Must read: top 10 Android stories

This week Google launched the Pixel and Pixel XL, Daydream View, Google Home and the new Chromecast Ultra! Plus, we heard the first serious rumors about the Galaxy S8. Here are the other top stories!

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10 Android stories we handpicked for you

Google Pixel and Pixel XL officially announced: everything you need to know The Pixels are finally here and they are momentous. Here’s everything you should to know about Google’s Pixel and Pixel XL.

Shootout: How good is the new Pixel XL camera? We put the Pixel XL through an impromptu camera shootout. Check out the results!

Why Google’s Pixel phones should be a big deal for everyone The Pixels are more than rebranded Nexuses. Google is much more involved, down to customizing chips. And that could be very important.

Google Pixel XL vs Nexus 6P first look Nexus, face your replacement. In this battle of Google phones, what’s the better device?

Google Pixel and Pixel XL hands on We took the Pixel and Pixel XL for a spin. Here are our impressions.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Apple iPhone 7 The classic rivalry of the smartphone industry. See how the new iPhone 7 compares to the Galaxy S7.

Google Home hands on – the future of the home? Assistant could be the most important announcement of 2016 – and it lives in this smart speaker.

Google Pixel XL vs Samsung Galaxy Note 7 first look Who does Android better? Google or Samsung?

Made by Google: How will Google taking on the iPhone change the Android ecosystem? The Pixels are bound to change things in the Android ecosystem. But will it be for the better?

Here come the Galaxy S8 rumors: no physical button, “full screen” display, and dual camera Boom! The first Galaxy S8 rumors are here, and they’re very juicy.

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