Plex Cloud now supports Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive

Plex has added support for Google Drive, DropBox and OneDrive to its cloud service. Users can now upload and store files on one of the aforementioned platforms and then access them through the Plex Cloud interface.

Plex Cloud, like the other services mentioned above, seeks to provide quick-and-easy access to content accessible across a number of devices. Plex sets itself apart with its software, however, which automatically retrieves information about your files – such as album art or posters, lyrics, descriptions etc. – and its streaming functionality, which eliminates the need for a physical server in your home or Networked Attached Storage (NAS) devices.

Plex Cloud launched in September and relied exclusively on use with Amazon’s Cloud service to function. Having run into “technical challenges”, the developers have subsequently broadened the range of compatible products.

Plex Cloud is still in closed beta (you’ll need to register for an invite to take part) and costs $5 per month or $40 per year, in addition to whatever you pay for the storage host. Download the Plex for Android app from the Google Play Store here and visit the Plex Cloud page here.

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