Riptide GP: Renegade comes to NVIDIA SHIELD

If you are a big fan of fast-paced, arcade-style racing games and have been waiting for the latest installment of the Riptide GP series to come to the NVIDIA SHIELD Android TV, your wait is over. After its release on the PC and consoles only a few days ago, Riptide GP: Renegade, the third entry in the high-speed water-based racing game series from Vector Games, is now available with NVIDIA Shield.

Riptide GP has always been on our list of favorite Android racing games here at Android Authority. While the two previous installments in the Riptide GP series featured only a career mode and a series of tournaments, Renegade takes things to a whole new level. You now have a story to play out in the game, and you get to play both a racer as well as a fugitive. It’s also the first game to be developed by Vector for consoles from the ground-up since they launched Hydro Thunder Fury.

So get ready to play a hydro jet racer who has to prove that he is still the best racer on the planet after being framed and banned from the professional Riptide GP league. Restore your reputation by taking part in illegal races held in large futuristic cities, and outrun other racers, as well as the police chasing you on their hydro jet bikes across city parks, industrial compounds, and flooded streets even as fighter jets from above drop bombs on the ground.


As you race around the tracks on your hydro jet, you not only get to perform stunts like grinds and flips, but also get rewarded with a speed boost for successfully pulling off complicated tricks. Progressing further in the game gives you cash rewards which can be used to upgrade and redesign your hydro jet, while defeating your opponents will unlock new models.

Apart from traditional races, Riptide GP: Renegade offers you a variety of modes to choose from, such as elimination rounds, freestyle events, time trials, and a challenge mode. If you get bored with standard solo play, there’s split screen multiplayer available, or you can always switch to online multiplayer mode where you can race against other players.