Some Verizon and T-Mobile Galaxy Note 7 orders have already started shipping

The beautiful Galaxy Note 7 is only supposed to reach customers’ hands from August 19, but some lucky Verizon and T-Mobile subscribers are getting early access.

Multiple users on XDA-Developers (via SamMobile) reported that they received charge notifications from their credit cards. The charging of the credit card is the first step in the order shipping process, so these users can expect to receive their Note 7’s earlier than August 19.

Some T-Mobile users who pre-ordered the Note 7 also received shipping notifications, as well as parcel tracking numbers, with estimated arrival dates set for as soon as today, August 15.

This isn’t the first time T-Mobile jumps the gun when it comes to the delivery of highly anticipated releases – the Magenta network also shipped the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge ahead of their official launch date, for instance. In Verizon’s case, however, early shipping is a pleasant surprise.

As August 19 approaches, more and more customers who ordered the Galaxy Note 7 should receive their shipping notifications. Friday will bring the availability of the S Pen-equipped flagship in brick-and-mortar stores.

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Anyone here who’s gotten their Note 7 shipping notices? Let us know!

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