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Sony Xperia Ear launching in the USA this December 13th for $199.99

It has been a while since the Sony Xperia Ear was announced at MWC 2016. The small earbud looks to be an interesting solution for those in need of a digital assistant device to take everywhere, but months have passed and we have seen no launch in the USA. This is why you will be glad to hear the wait is about to end!

The Sony Xperia Ear will finally launch in the USA this December 13th, on Amazon. Other retailers will be following suit soon afterwards (these include Fry’s, Abt and B&H). But of course, this won’t exactly be a cheap product, as it promises quality help for your daily needs. Retail price is set at $199.99.


What you get may be worth every penny, though. The Sony Xperia Ear is considered a personal assistant that is always awaiting your commands. You can obviously do basic things like make calls, send messages and schedule appointments, but its capabilities go far beyond these simple commands.

It’s also possible to ask the Ear about your schedule, the weather, local businesses and directions to places. Oh, and get this – it supports head gesture commands, so you don’t always have to look crazy talking to yourself.

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