Best Portable Monitors for PlayStation 4 in 2019

Portable Monitors for PlayStation 4
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Playing your PlayStation 4 on the go can be a tricky and cumbersome experience, but it doesn’t have to be thanks to the advent of portable monitors. While it won’t be portable in a handheld sense, you can make it far more comfortable to not only pack up and travel with your PS4 but also play it anywhere you can find a power outlet. We’ve highlighted these monitors based on some factors including portability, ease of use, and resolution.

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This is a Goldilocks of portable screens with an 11.6-inch IPS panel, a resolution that supports up to 1080p, and a 14ms response time. It’s not too big, not too small, and the response time is just right. With a display and response time like that, it won’t be “Game Over” due to delayed input.

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This Kenowa portable monitor is 15.6 inches and has a resolution of 1920×1080. It has a dual HDMI input, headphone port, and built-in speaker. You can power this device through the USB port or directly connecting the power cable to the wall. It even comes with it’s own leather carrying case!

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Here we have a 13-inch monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440 that even supports 4K boosted games on your PlayStation Pro! It comes with a stand you can prop up on any surface for the easiest comfort. It’s powered by the USB port or provided power cable and has its own built-in speakers.

$190 at Amazon

Want a bigger screen without breaking your back to carry it? This 15.6-inch, 1920×1080, Full HD, IPS monitor weighs in at under 2 pounds — 1.76 to be precise. And with a screen cover-stand that comes with it, you have one and a half fewer things to worry about when packing.

$170 at Amazon

In many respects, the GeChic 1102H is quite similar to the 1101P with its 11.6-inch 1080p display, though its claim to fame is an onboard 6,900 mAh battery rated for up to 4.5 hours. This means you only need one power outlet to enjoy your games on the go.

$295 at Amazon

Elecrow’s 13.3-inch 1920x1080p monitor has a built-in kickstand and two HDMI ports. It doesn’t have its own power supply, but it does have a USB port that an average 20,000 mAh battery capacity power-bank can fuel for just over five hours. Or you can use the AC adapter.

$146 at Amazon

Make your trip safer and easier!

Any portable monitor with an HDMI port will work for your PS4, but the options we highlighted today are advantageous in all the right areas. They’re sizable and sharp in resolution because no one wants to feel like they’re playing on a viewfinder. They all use IPS panels, so you’ll get bright, accurate colors at a range of different viewing angles. These panels are also 60Hz, so they can show all your PS4 games at 60 frames per second. Last but not least, relatively fast response times means you won’t be lagging behind the competition when playing online. If we had to choose just one, our pick is the GeChic 1101P for overall value and gaming-centric positives.

You can’t truly play the PlayStation 4 remotely because the console needs to be plugged directly into the wall, but these accessories still make traveling a breeze. Whether you need the second screen because the family TV is being used, you want to kick back in bed, or you have a trip your planning, any of these carry cases will help keep your tech safe and sound.

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